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Join Now! The South Dakota Local Foods Co-op now accepting memberships!

The South Dakota Local Foods Co-op is an online co-op that will connect consumers to farmers and other SD producers in their area and provide them the opportunity to buy fresh, healthy local foods and other SD made goods.

Co-op FAQ’s:

· How does the Co-op work?

Each month producers list their available products on the website with descriptions, availability, and pricing. Consumers browse the website at their convenience, place an order and pay online. Once a month the products are collected at a drop site and sorted into consumer orders. The consumers then have a window of time on that day to come pick up their order.

· How much is membership, and what does it include?

Lifetime membership is $50 plus $3 for tax. This allows a member both to buy and sell through the co-op. If at some point you are no longer able to use your membership the co-op will buy it back!

· What are the fees?
As with any business, the Foods Co-op has operating costs. To cover these expenses the co-op will charge a 10% fee to all producer sales. Producers should keep this in mind when determining their pricing. For consumers, a handling fee of 10% will be added to every order and calculated at the online checkout, along with sales tax.

· Is it just for food?
As long as producers are making the products themselves, any South Dakota made good can be marketed through the co-op! We highly encourage the use of South Dakota ingredients.

Our Mission: The South Dakota Local Foods Co-op is dedicated to connecting consumers to healthy, nutritious food produced by their local farmers. Our goal is use fewer natural resources by focusing on food and other goods produced locally instead of being trucked in from hundreds of miles away.


Email the co-op for membership details at coop@dakotarural.org



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