Farm to School – South Dakota Rules

Food served in South Dakota’s School Lunch Programs largely falls under the Food Service Code overseen by the South Dakota Department of Health.

South Dakota’s Food Service Code regulates food supplies and says:  “Food must be free from adulterations and other contamination and must be safe for human consumption.  Food must be obtained from approved sources. Food in hermetically sealed containers mu9st be obtained from a food processing plant that is regulated by the food regulatory agency that has jurisdiction over the plant.  Food prepared in a private home may not be used or offered for human consumption in a licensed food establishment.  – Emphasis added.

The Food Service Code also has specific rules for different kinds of food.  However, fresh fruits and vegetables and most meat is not listed.  Meat regulations fall under the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and must follow their  regulation.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have no additional regulations under South Dakota’s Food Service Code.

Third party verification is often mentioned when we discuss regulations.  We don’t believe the South Dakota Food Service Code requires third party verification for locally grown, fresh, raw, whole fruits and vegetables.  However, schools may decide to require this level of verification.

Check out more information about one kind of third party verification called Good Agriculture Practices.