Graduate Profiles and Student Feedback

Stories Featuring a Few of Our Graduates:

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James Doyle Graduate Profile


Kyle Cox RCJ photo

Click photo for link to July 2014 Rapid City Journal Story on recent graduate Kyle Cox, of Vale, SD

Amanda Owens graduate photo

Amanda Owens

Amanda Owens Graduate ProfileAmanda Owens graduate photo

Danny and Aymee Dyck Graduate Profile

Anne and Josh Hauglid Graduate Profile

Aaron and Kirstin Johnson Graduate Profile

Aaron Burbach Graduate Profile

Feedback from our students:

“When we began the Farm Beginnings course we knew little more than that we wanted to start an apple orchard.  The course gave us glimpses into the operations of many non-traditional farming operations.  It helped us define our goals and seek out additional training from apple orchard experts.  The course was really the springboard that took us from dreaming to doing.”

Laura Clark – Silver Creek Orchard, 2009-2010 FB class

“Farm Beginnings has solidified our belief in Sustainable Agriculture and our need as a people to protect our food sources, this curriculum provides real life applications for successful businesses in agriculture and animal husbandry.  The folks teaching the courses remain mentors and business partners for life.”

Eowyn Corral and Jacqui Kouf,  FB class 2009-2010

“Before attending Farm Beginnings I thought the only kind of farming was the kind I grew up around.  Taking this course has opened my eyes to other ideas.  I do not want to follow the crowd.  I do not want to ‘just get by’ or fail in this venture.  If it takes me doing things differently than people around me do, then I will, without hesitation.”

Aaron Burbach, FB class 2010-2011

Nathan and Eian Schrag, FB class 2011-2012