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Moody county is located along the eastern boarder of South Dakota north of Sioux Falls and is home to Flandreau and the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe.

The Moody County Chapter has dealt with several different issues in the past few years focused mainly around concerns of the growing number of confinement animal feeding operations in Moody County.

In 1998 the chapter successfully stopped the citing of a 30,000 head cattle feedlot in their county, which would have negatively impacted the Big Sioux Aquifer and River.

In May and June of 2006, Moody County Chapter members carried referendum petitions against the county decision to remove the drainage ordinance. The residents of the county supported DRA’s work, and 75% of voters overturned the decision made by the Commissioners.

Currently, the Dakota Rural Action members of the newly revitalized Moody County Chapter, Preserve Rural America (PRA), are fighting the construction a 7,000 thousand head hog CAFO in NW Moody County. The members are awaiting a ruling from a Moody County judge on the issuance of a conditional use permit, they feel was issued inappropriately/illegally. There is a similar case in Grant County, SD where the judge ruled in the citizens’ favor and the case has been sent on to the SD Supreme court, PRA is hoping for the same outcome.

The Moody County troubles began with the state actively courting the CAFO industry by working with First District, Inc. out of Watertown, SD to identify 120 possible CAFO sites in Moody County alone.

The group is very dedicated and has come up with many interesting and unconventional ways to deter Mustang Pass, LLC from building a CAFO in their neighborhood. They have identified land just adjacent to the proposed CAFO site to begin a pasture pork operation of their own, without the use of antibiotics!

This newly empowered chapter group realizes they must organize for the future and to achieve the most impact, they are willing to change the decision makers and power structure of Moody County – this next County Commissioner election cycle should be interesting!


For more information, please contact Eowyn Corral-Kouf at or 605.697.5204.

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