Support HB 1004

Action Alert

We are asking you to write to your Senator (and all senators, if you can) to ask them to pass HB 1004, which is up on the Senate floor tomorrow afternoon.

HB 1004 came out of the legislature’s summer study on oil and gas. It would allow a court to award treble damages to a landowner in the instance where an oil or gas company has not acted in good faith, and the dispute has gone to court. The bill is an incentive to oil and gas companies to treat landowners well, and to settle disputes in the new mediation program rather than letting issues get to court.

We strongly support this bill. There has been opposition from the oil and gas lobby in Pierre; despite their objections, HB 1004 has made it through the entire House process and passed the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee this morning. We urge you to write to the Senate to encourage their passage of HB 1004.


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