TUESDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 3RD: House Bill 1117–The “Riot Booster” Bill will be heard in Senate Judiciary Committee starting at 7 PM in Room 414 of the Capitol. 

Riot, incitement to riot, and intentional damage to property are already crimes, so the bill is unnecessary. It creates a serious chilling effect on exercise of constitutionally-protected freedoms of speech and assembly due to its vague language (what exactly is riot boosting?). It will likely result in false riot charges–clogging up our courts and jails and leading to unnecessary taxpayer expense as demonstrated in North Dakota. Read the bill HERE.

Call Senate Judiciary Committee members to OPPOSE this bill: (605) 773-3821 or email members: 

Rocky.Blare@sdlegislature.gov, Craig.Kennedy@sdlegislature.gov, Al.Novstrup@sdlegislature.gov, Arthur.Rusch@sdlegislature.gov, Lance.Russell@sdlegislature.gov, Lee.Schoenbeck@sdlegislature.gov, Jim.Stalzer@sdlegislature.gov 


There will be a soup and frybread feed ahead of the hearing for water protectors, allies, and friends at the First Congregational/UCC Church at 123 N Highland starting at 5pm Tuesday eve. Donations are always welcome, but the meal is free. Please join us.