Recently, the SD Department of Education (DOE) released their version of the new Social Studies standards. These changes continue our state’s history of trying to erase Indigenous people and their ongoing relationship with this land. The DOE’s edited version drastically changes the proposed curriculum without consent from the working group tasked with making recommendations and updates to the curriculum. The working group is composed of education professionals and stakeholders who review current standards and make adjustments to the curriculum on a five- to seven-year year rotation. It consists of more than 50 representatives from K-12, including teachers and school administrators, post-secondary educators, and business and industry representatives. Some members of this team are now speaking out against the department’s changes to the draft they submitted in July.

We are calling on all of our members, our allies, and our community to speak out against this attack on our community members, our shared history, and our future. Individuals can review the proposed Social Studies standards AND SUBMIT PUBLIC COMMENT VIA THE FOLLOWING LINKS:

+++VIEW THE REVISIONS : Content Standards:
Social Studies Standards Revision Process

+++SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS : Proposed South Dakota Social Studies Standards Public Comment Feedback Survey

AND also attend the four public hearings between now and 2022 before the Board of Education Standards considers the draft standards for approval in spring 2022. The first of these hearings is set for Sept. 20 in Aberdeen, followed by meetings in Sioux Falls, Pierre and Rapid City.