During the 2010 South Dakota state legislative session South Dakota Codified Law 34-18 thru 37 was passed. This law, which is commonly referred to as the “Home-Processed Foods Law”, makes it possible for South Dakota food producers to process some types of canned and baked goods in their home kitchens and sell them at farmers markets, road side stands, and similar venues. Prior to this law, selling any kind of home-processed foods in South Dakota was illegal.

Members of Dakota Rural Action worked closely with the South Dakota Department of Health and South Dakota Cooperative Extension to aid in the passing of this legislation. This law only affects food producers processing their foods in a home kitchen and does not address foods processed in a licensed commercial kitchen.

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The In-Home Bakery Law

If you have any questions about the law please feel free to call the Dakota Rural Action office at 605-697-5204.