The DRA Brookings County Chapter is currently working on a Pollinator Protection Campaign which will protect local pollinator species by increasing habitat and decreasing pesticide use in Brookings County.  The chapter is currently seeking submissions for a sign design to promote pollinator habitat.  For more information click here: Pollinator Design Contest Poster.

In addition to the Pollinator Protection Campaign, the Chapter is currently reviewing Land Use Ordinances in Brookings County. Suggestions for changes to the Land Use Ordinances will be submitted to the Brookings Planning and Zoning Commission.

Chapter members also continue to support and promote bicycle use and safety in Brookings County.

The Brookings County Chapter has tackled some important issues and campaigns since its inception in the early 1990’s, including launching and organizing a city-wide recycling campaign, organizing multiple Earth Day events, working on county zoning issues, and launching the online South Dakota Local Food Co-op in spring of 2010.  The Chapter has also been working toward implementing ordinance changes which would allow citizens of Brookings to raise backyard hens.  For more information on backyard hens see the Backyard Chicken Factsheet.

If you’re a Brookings County resident and would like to be involved, don’t hesitate to contact Holly Tilton Byrne at 605.697.5204.

Chapter Leadership

  • Chair: Elizabeth Fox
  • Co-Chair: Claire LaCanne
  • Treasurer: Lawrence Novotny
  • DRA Board Representatives: Caleb Evenson and Emelie Haigh