A statewide DRA committee and working group that’s actively looking for people interested in joining and supporting sustainable agriculture efforts in South Dakota and growing more vibrate agricultural communities across our state. Contact DRA staff at action@dakotarural.org or call 605-697-5204 if you want to join or ask more questions.

Our Goal

To lead South Dakota citizens toward a knowledgeable, working understanding of the relationship between agriculture and the environment; supporting and promoting agricultural systems that protect our air quality, water quality, public health, and socio-economics; and  sustaining vibrant communities for future generations.

Our Objective

To support DENR to start updating the EPA/CWA General Permit.

Our Message


We have an outdated and unfocused permitting process that is contributing to the erosion of our communities’ air, water, soil, and economic health.


We must update the state’s general permit so that the process for reviewing CAFO applications accounts for air, soil, and water quality, as well as, the public health and socioeconomic impacts of CAFO development.