Our Mission

To lead South Dakota citizens toward a knowledgeable, working understanding of the relationship between agriculture and the environment; supporting and promoting agricultural systems that protect our air quality, water quality, public health, and socio-economics; and sustaining vibrant communities for future generations.

Our Objective

To halt the unchecked expansion of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) across our state, and to uphold the authority of county officials to apply more stringent protections for public health, water quality, property values, and quality of life for residents of their communities.

Our Message


Large agribusiness corporations, with cooperation from state agencies, are profiting from selling communities and individual farmers an unsustainable model of production that undermines real economic development in rural areas, destroys property values and public health, and pollutes our land, water, and air.


    • Education & training for elected and appointed officials on their authority and responsibility when it comes to permitting CAFOs and other industrial development in their counties & municipalities
    • Provide alternative models of production & marketing for beginning farmers and those wishing to diversify their operations and manage risk while maintaining profitability
    • Expose the harmful effects of corporate and contract models that undermine our freedom and prosperity
    • Pressure state agencies to adopt a more rigorous permitting process and more vigorous oversight of existing facilities
    • Educate and empower citizens to participate in and protect their democracy and public hearing process

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