In the waning hours of the 2019 Legislative Session, Governor Noem, aided by a super-majority of legislators, passed the notorious and unconstitutional “Riot Booster” Act targeting individuals and organizations opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Later that Spring, Dakota Rural Action, NDN Collective, Indigenous Environmental Network, Sierra Club, and individual plaintiffs–represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took them to court–and won a major victory when Federal Judge Lawrence Piersol issued a preliminary ruling blocking the enforcement of “Riot Booster” and other laws criminalizing free speech and the right to peaceable assembly.

The State agreed to settle DRA v Noem, but they’re back again attempting to pass House Bill 1117–legislation that chills free speech and puts corporate interests above the rights of South Dakotans.

Call or Email House State Affairs Committee Members and tell them to REJECT this latest effort by the Governor’s office to resurrect the failed idea of “riot boosting.” 

Here’s some ideas for messages–or use your own:

  • This bill, like others we’re seeing from the Governor’s office, puts corporate interests above the rights of South Dakota residents
  • “Riot Boosting” legislation is based on fear–it’s a purposefully unclear term meant to discourage people from exercising their right to free speech, association, and the right to peaceably assemble.
  • The bill encourages law enforcement to make unlawful arrests and inflate charges–clogging up our courts and jails, and costing taxpayers potentially millions

Leave legislators a message on the House phone at (605) 773-3851 or,
Email House State Affairs Committee Members:

If you’re planning to attend, please let us know! The bill will be heard in House State Affairs Wednesday morning, Feb. 12th at 8am CT in Room 414 of the Capitol Building.
Try to arrive early in order to get through security and up to the hearing room before proceedings begin.

Thank You for Taking Action!