We strive to build grassroots leadership through community organizing by giving people a strong voice in decisions affecting their quality of live.


Dakota Rural Action is a…


  • Dakota Rural Action members come from all walks of life and serve as spokespeople who guide the decisions of the organization.
  • They participate in the organization through local chapters and statewide committees.
  • Dakota Rural Action members work directly with local, state and federal decision makers about the issues that affect their communities.

family agriculture,

  • Dakota Rural Action believes in family agriculture.
  • Family agriculture, if protected and given the opportunity, has the flexibility to take South Dakota’s economy into the new century and define our state as something special.
  • Dakota Rural Action members work for open and fair markets and strongly support mandatory Country-of-Origin-Labeling.
  • Dakota Rural Action supports fair trade agreements that build family agriculture, workers’ rights and protect the environment.

and conservation group.

  • Dakota Rural Action members work to conserve and protect both South Dakota’s environment and our unique way of life.
  • Dakota Rural Action works to protect ground water and air quality from pollution.
  • Dakota Rural Action members support stronger protections from factory style animal agriculture facilities, which have destroyed local environments and communities.
  • Dakota Rural Action works to remove the barriers to and promote the development of clean renewable energy sources like wind power and biofuels.