About the Black Hills Chapter

The Black Hills Chapter launched in June 2011 and has membership in Pennington, Meade, Fall River, Custer and Lawrence counties.

We are united in our concern for the stewardship of the land and the empowerment of people in our communities.  Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant local economy and community linked to the land that sustains the people of the Black Hills region. We organize for:

  • Community
    Building strong, vibrant communities; collaborating and organizing to empower people for actions on decisions that affect our quality of life.

  • Local Food
    Raising awareness of the health and economic benefits of local food; encouraging choices that support thriving Black Hills agriculture markets.

  • Energy and Natural Resources
    Promoting local clean energy production and independence; conserving natural resources for future generations through stewardship, education, and legislation.

The Black Hills Chapter meets monthly at various locations throughout the year.  We have a special guest speaker at each meeting to discuss relevant issues related to our campaigns.

If you are interested in one or more of our campaigns and would like to be involved, please join us!

If you have any questions, contact Taylor Gunhammer, DRA Organizer at taylor@dakotarural.org or call 605-697-5204 x260

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