The state of South Dakota has seen an increase in large dairy operations, but there is an alternative farming system that could strengthen our rural communities, bring local economic benefits to our farm families, and establish lasting agriculture systems for future generations.

The Deuel County Chapter of Dakota Rural Action has set out to explore the possibility of reclaiming our history of small dairies in a meaningful, profitable, and community building way. We want, “To introduce Deuel County citizens and decision makers to the opportunities, community benefits, and economic development for organic milk and feed production.”

For more information concerning the Deuel County Chapter of Dakota Rural Action and its campaigns please contact Frank James at or call 605-697-5204 x240.

Our chapter is the oldest chapter of Dakota Rural Action and its members hold strong to the state’s motto, “Under God the People Rule.”

Our Goal

“To create a thriving, sustainable, and self-reliant community.”

Our Objectives

To grow a vibrant local agricultural community and bring more economic development to Deuel County by:

  • Exploring how Deuel County can become a leader in small organic dairy farms.
  • To increase the area’s sustainable food production and consumption through local initiatives.
  • To increase farms producing alternative agricultural products through building a network for Deuel county farmers.
  • To increase renewable energy usage by actively participating in Community Energy Development initiatives and finding three committed Deuel County families interested in installing solar systems through the Solarize SD Campaign installation program.
  • To elect functional officials to lead Deuel County Government.
  • To increase our membership base.

Deuel County Chapter members have a history of working to pass county-wide increases the setbacks from large livestock facilities. The Chapter had success with establishing a commercial kitchen for the community’s local producers to utilize for value added production. The Chapter also hosts candidate forums and cracker barrels in an effort to educate voters and encourage participation in the government process.


  • Chair: Kim James
  • Vice Chair: Dale Roth
  • Secretary: Kristianna Gehant
  • Treasurer: Nancy Hartenhoff-Crooks
  • Board Rep: Dale Roth