Dakota Rural Action brings together South Dakotans from all corners of the state (and the middle!) who demand more clean, renewable and local energy. We support policies which encourage locally-owned renewable energy production, promote small-scale distributed electricity generation, and allow South Dakotans to be more independent and self-sufficient in their own lives.

The short-term cost savings from local energy production and longer-term savings from wind and solar puts extra money in many local and rural communities’ pockets. Additionally, local energy production creates a diversity of jobs that tend to be long-term and high-paying.

We are illuminating the benefits of independent solar production with a campaign to raise $10,000 to raise funds for a comprehensive economic study demonstrating the benefits and impact of this renewable energy source on our regional economy. This data will be crucial in promoting sustainable energy policies and incentivizing further solar adoption. Will you join us? Find out more about our Empowering Solar Energy in South Dakota campaign.
A green house with solar panels and a gold sun behind it with Empowering Solar Energy South Dakota text

Through energy tours and articles, we have reached out to people who have installed renewable energy systems and those who eagerly want to. We have found that the lack of locally-owned renewable energy development results not from lack of education or awareness of what is possible, but from barriers preventing local farmers, ranchers and citizens from investing in their own energy production systems.

We are fighting to knock down those barriers, by organizing campaigns to advocate for better renewable energy policy in South Dakota. We have several initiatives going right now, so join us today to help move our campaigns forward.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in any of these initiatives, or just want to learn more email  action@dakotarural.org or 605.697.5204. These barriers will not fall without an organized citizen effort, with a wide variety of South Dakotans. We need you!

Learn more about our member’s energy projects!