Help Us Illuminate the Economic Benefits of Independent Solar Production!

Are you passionate about clean, sustainable energy? Are you interested in supporting the growth of solar power in South Dakota? Then, join us in our mission to shed light on the economic impact of independent solar production in our state.

At Dakota Rural Action, we firmly believe in the power of solar energy to create a brighter future for South Dakota. We are launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a comprehensive economic study demonstrating the immense benefits of independent solar production and its impact on our regional economy.

Why Is This Study Important?

1️⃣ Showcasing Financial Advantages

By conducting an in-depth economic analysis, we aim to highlight the significant financial advantages that independent solar production brings to individuals, businesses, the state of South Dakota, and the tribal nations within the state’s borders. This data will be crucial in promoting sustainable energy policies and incentivizing further solar adoption.

2️⃣ Empowering Decision-Makers

Our study will provide policymakers, utilities, and stakeholders with reliable and unbiased information about the economic benefits of solar energy. Armed with this knowledge, they can make informed decisions that support the expansion of renewable energy sources in South Dakota and Tribal Nations.

3️⃣ Encouraging Solar Growth

South Dakota has immense untapped potential for solar energy generation. Through this study, we hope to showcase independent solar production’s economic viability and positive impact. This, in turn, will inspire more individuals and businesses to invest in solar installations, fostering a greener and more diversified energy landscape.

How Can You Help?

✨ Donate and Share

Every contribution counts! Your generous donations will directly fund the comprehensive economic study we are planning. Even small gifts can make a big difference. We aim to raise $10,000 that will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 through the generosity of the South Dakota Chapter of the Sierra Club and a program grant! Additionally, help us spread the word by sharing our GoFundMe campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues passionate about renewable energy and sustainable development.

✨ Be a Clean Energy Ally

Join us in raising awareness about the campaign. Share our social media posts, use our campaign hashtags, and engage with our content. By championing our cause, you’ll help us reach a wider audience and gather more support for our mission to allow South Dakotans to be more independent and self-sufficient.

✨ Connect Us with Stakeholders

If you know individuals, organizations, or businesses with a vested interest in renewable energy or sustainable development in South Dakota, please connect with us. We would love to engage with them and discuss potential collaborations or partnerships.

✨ Spread the Solar Energy Message

Educate others about the benefits of small-scale distributed electricity generation and its potential to transform our energy landscape. Share success stories of solar adopters and inspire others to consider going solar.

By coming together, we can shine a light on the economic benefits of independent solar production in South Dakota and accelerate the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Ready to make a difference? Donate today and help us fund the economic study that will pave the way for a solar-powered South Dakota. Together, we can create a brighter and greener tomorrow!


We want to thank the South Dakota Chapter of the Sierra Club for their generosity and belief in this campaign. Their donation of $5,000 got us a fourth of the way to our ultimate goal of $20,000. Any gifts now donated are truly matched dollar-for-dollar and get us closer to illuminating the power of solar.

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