Governor Noem’s proposal to gut public participation in the County Permitting Process is scheduled to hit the Senate floor TODAY.

CALL YOUR SENATOR! (605) 773-3821 and leave the message: NO to SB 157!

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The bill removes the option for a super-majority vote on BIG decisions around industrial projects–including CAFOs, energy facilities (including turbines, transmission, pipeline pump stations), man camps, mining, and more–and makes it a simple majority of members present. That could mean as few as two people could make a BIG decision that impacts everyone.

It ALSO entices counties to move to a “Special Permitted Use” process–approval by an unelected administrator with NO public notice and NO public hearing. This LITERALLY means you could wake up one morning to earth-movers for an industrial facility next door without ever having a chance to weigh in.

Further, it calls for a “winner take all” approach to appeals where the loser in circuit court pays attorney fees and “compensatory damages” of the winner.

You can also email senators to let them know this bill should go no further. However, some Senators don’t read their email in a timely fashion, so if you use this option, be sure to follow up with a call to leave a message for YOUR Senator for maximum effect: (605) 773-3821.


CALL NOW! (605) 773-3821