Actions You Can Take on Good Bills–Today, Tomorrow, Thursday

There’s a lot going on this week with the logjam of bills finally breaking up and moving through the process. Here’s some opportunities to support good legislation this week around grassland preservation, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Persons, and liability insurance for commercial pesticide applicators.

TODAY–on the Senate Floor!

SB 112–Grazing Land/Native Prairie Designated as Non-Cropland

Contact Your Senator to Vote YES!

This bill helps graziers and grasslands, and it passed Senate Taxation by only one vote. It needs your help to be successful on the Senate Floor. Senate Bill 112 says that, “if any agricultural land has been seeded to grass for at least ten years and is used for animal grazing or left unharvested, or is native grassland, the director of equalization shall categorize the land as noncropland for the purposes of determining the agricultural income value of the land.”

TOMORROW–in House State Affairs!

Training & Information-Sharing on MMIW + THPO Consultation–Contact Members of House State Affairs to Support!

House Bills 1237 & 1238 establish provisions for training, data-collection, and information-sharing on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) and Persons. They help overcome jurisdictional issues regarding the sharing of information and provide training about this serious issue in our state and region, and about the circumstances (including pipeline man camps) which exacerbate it.

House Bill 1153 this bill will bring state law in alignment with federal law section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requiring consultation with the Tribes and Tribal Historic Preservation officers.

Contact Members of House State Affairs to Support these Bills!

You Can Leave a Message for Any Representative at (605) 773-3851 or email:

David Anderson:

Arch Beal (Vice Chair):

Drew Dennert:

Michael Diedrich:

Tim Goodwin:

Spencer Gosch:

Jon Hansen:

Steven Haugaard:

Kevin Jensen:

Steven McCleerey:

Kent Peterson:

Lee Qualm (Chair):

Jamie Smith:

Liability Insurance for Commercial Pesticide Applicators

Hearing in Senate Ag Committee THURSDAY

Senate Bill 147 would require commercial applicators of pesticides (whether ground or aerial) to carry liability insurance against chemical trespass and overspray. This bill has a good cross-section of sponsors, as well as broad support among all kinds of producers–organic, conventional, specialty crop, beekeepers–as well as the general public. A lot of people are surprised to find out that “the cost of doing business” for applicators in this state does not require this insurance as it does in most other states. This bill fixes that.

Contact Members of Senate Ag Committee to Ask For a YES Vote!

Rocky Blare –

Gary Cammack (chair) –

Bob Ewing –

Red Dawn Foster –

Troy Heinert –

Joshua Klumb –

Ernie Otten –

Deb Soholt –

Jordan Youngberg (Vice Chair) –


Thank You For Taking Action!