Legislative Session Update

2022 SD Legislative Session Begins with DRA’s New Lobbyist, Chase Jensen

The South Dakota Legislative Session is upon us, and DRA’s new lobbyist is hard at work in Pierre and around the state, working with members on new legislative priorities like a Cottage Foods Law Update and Landowner Protections from Eminient Domain while keeping members up to date on the slew of fast moving legislation moving through the Capitol chambers.

In an age of such divisive politics it is easy to feel apathetic about the impact one voice can have in a world of screaming groups and raging private interests. In our digitally connected world, it is easy to let global issues demoralize us from engaging with local issues. In this way I find our state boundaries and relatively small population a great gift. One of the blessings of South Dakota is that individuals can make direct contact with their legislators to influence their votes. Our issues are still big, but there is real potential to make change in local communities. By taking a stand, getting involved, and joining your voice to a group of like-minded individuals you CAN make a difference. And now is an excellent time to get involved…” —Chase Jensen, DRA Lobbyist

COPipeline Update

Another new COpipeline project crossing SD is being proposed by Navigator COVentures. This new pipeline, the Heartland Greenway, would cross Brookings, Moody and Minnehaha Counties, carrying sequestered COfrom SD ethanol plants down through Iowa and into Illinois. More information to follow.

Meanwhile Summit Carbon Solutions continues to press forward, seeking easments from SD landowners for its proposed 458.9 miles of pipeline through the state.

DRA is working with landowners and concerned citizens in a united and coordinated opposition to this pipeline. Join us by filling out the contact form below so that we can add you to our mailing list with updates on this issue and ways to coordinate our response. One of the most practical ways that we can effectively and successfully organize against this pipeline is to create a network of landowners who unite as a legal block of opposition to join strength, invest in expert representation, and share the costs of standing up for oneself against a large corporation.

Upcoming DRA Local Foods Committee Breakout Session, Thur. Jan. 20th  

Join Dakota Rural Action’s Local Foods Committee for the 3rd session of our Annual Meeting breakout sessions focused on DRA’s statewide Local Foods work. This conversation will give an overview of the work DRA members do around building a local food system. Anyone interested in learning more about how we change the food system, and those who want to get more involved in this work can join!

Second Lakota Food Summit — REGISTER NOW!



The Lakota Food Sovereignty Coalition will be hosting their Second Lakota Food Summit coming up on February 15, 16, 17, 2022. The summit will be taking place at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center-Holiday Inn in Rapid City, SD. 

The summit’s opening day February 15th will start with activities including a chef event with famous Sioux Chef, Sean Sherman, and other Native chefs that will be giving presentations and samples of decolonized foods along with entertainment by Starr Chief Eagle that will be doing hoop dancing and a social; this first day will be free and open to the public.

February 16th and 17th are the official conference days, where there will be presentations on a variety of topics surrounding food sovereignty, local foods, and community wellness. 

Registration for the conference will be required; in advance on the Second Lakota Food Summit Eventbrite. There will be a limited number of registration. The conference registration will include all sessions, admission to the tradeshow and the Lakota Food Sovereignty will provide snacks during the morning and afternoon on the 16th and 17th. The summit will conclude a buffalo/beef banquet and a closing ceremony.



5th – Black Hills Chapter Racial Justice Reading Group, 6pm MT

11th –  97th SD Legislative Session Begins

12th – State of the Judiciary Address

13th –  State of the Tribes Address


  • Homegrown Chapter Meeting, 6pm CT

18th – SD Local Foods Coalition Meeting

20th – DRA Local Foods Committee Breakout Session, 6:30pm CT / 5:30 MT

25th – Homegrown Equity & Racial Justice Book Club, 7pm CT

27th – 29th – Northern Plains Food & Farming Conference, Fargo, ND


2nd – Black Hills Chapter Racial Justice Reading Group, 6pm MT

8th – Black Hills Chapter Meeting, 6pm MT

15th – 17th – 2nd Lakota Food Summit, Rapid City, SD

21st – Homegrown Chapter Meeting, 6pm CT

22nd – Homegrown Equity & Racial Justice Book Club, 7pm CT

24th – 26th – MOSES Organic Farming Conference in LaCrosse, WI