It has just been announced that President Obama and the U.S. State Department have rejected the proposed Keystone XL pipeline permit this Wednesday afternoon, and at this time that the project is determined not to serve the national interest because there was not adequate time to fully study the impacts of the project.

“Hip! Hip! Hooray!” exclaims Zona Vig, a DRA member and landowner effected by the proposed pipeline.

The denial of the permit does not prohibit TransCanada from reapplying for subsequent applications or for similar projects.

Zona Vig questions how easily a time TransCanada will have getting landowners to sign on again. “There will be a lot more stringent conditions next time around,” states Zona Vig.

There are still outstanding questions remaining, including if TransCanada will give up the legal eminent domain proceedings against some landowners.

Dakota Rural Action has been working with farmers and ranchers impacted by the proposed project since 2008 to ensure that if the pipeline was built that it South Dakota land, water and resources are protected.

Dakota Rural Action members can be proud of the work they have done to stand up for the rights of South Dakota landowners.

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