As the public health emergency from the novel coronavirus forces social distancing and community lockdowns, TC Energy (formerly TransCanada) is about to endanger thousands of workers by sending them into rural and Tribal communities along the path of its proposed Keystone XL pipeline that are unequipped to handle the public health threat, in addition to the increased crime and sexual violence — especially targeting Indigenous women — arising from pipeline worker “man camps.”

TransCanada continues to move ahead against all good judgment, and in spite of the company not having even secured all the necessary federal, state and local permits for the Keystone XL project — which is also facing three federal court challenges to various permits, and lawsuits from landowners in Nebraska fighting eminent domain seizure of their land.

We’re staying home to avoid the spread of COVID-19. It’s time for our governors to tell TransCanada to go home, too.


This is a time when we must recognize the health and safety of everyone — especially the most vulnerable and marginalized communities — is integral to the health and safety of our entire country. That’s why we are all making sacrifices to protect our friends, families, and neighbors.

There is absolutely no need to risk the health and safety of construction workers or rural communities right now for a foreign corporation’s tarsands export pipeline project. 

TC Energy must immediately today halt all “pre-construction” activity on the Keystone XL project — and recall all workers it has already dispatched into the small rural and Tribal communities of Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Do you agree?

Please SIGN ON HERE to our nationwide #CancelKXL letter asking TC Energy and the Governors of impacted states to immediately halt all KXL construction and “pre-construction” activities in this time of public health emergency. 

And, please feel free to share this post via email and social media (hashtag #CancelKXL) with your friends and relatives concerned about the even more disastrous impacts of building this pipeline project during the COVID-19 crisis.

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