Thank the Brookings Sustainability Committee for their Strong Recommendation

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Today the Brookings Sustainability Council voted in favor of a backyard chicken recommendation for the City Council. If passed, their recommendation would allow Brookings residents to raise up to six hens. The recommendation also included several of the goals outlined by the Brookings County Chapter members, including a 25 foot setback and banning roosters.


Please take a moment to thank the council members for taking a step in the right direction!  A sample letter is listed below.


Email the following Brookings Sustainability Council members:

  • Betty Beer –
  • Ryan Carda –
  • Alvaro Garcia –
  • Jane Hegland –
  • Donna Hess –
  • Benjamin Kleinjan –
  • Robert McGrath –
  • Norma Nusz Chandler –
  • Paul Peterson –
  • Arika Sanders –
  • Brooke Charity Sydow –


Sample Letter
To the Members of the Brookings Sustainability Council:


I want to take a moment to thank you for voting in favor of a strong backyard chicken ordinance. By allowing people in Brookings to raise chickens while following the guidelines you have recommended our city will be more sustainable, welcoming, and diverse.


Raising chickens can be a great educational opportunity, providing a food source for families raising them, and strengthening sustainability in communities by localizing food and aiding in gardening by means of pest control (bugs) and supplementing compost. To know that the members of the Brookings Sustainability Council support measures like these is encouraging.


Thank you very much for your time.



[Your Name]
123 Local Road
Brookings, SD 57006