The current kitchen tent at Wiconi Un Tipi was put through hard use at Standing Rock, and is in need of replacement…and quickly, as winter is closing in.

Dakota Rural Action is serving as a fiscal sponsor for Wiconi Un Tipi camp on the Lower Brule Reservation. Learn more about the purpose of the camp and DRA’s relationship with it on our Wiconi Un Tipi camp page.

We are working toward a November 30th deadline to raise $30K for an insulated, engineered cooking and dining structure for camp that will withstand the heavy wind and snow loads of winter on the plains, while also serving as emergency winter sleeping quarters when the temperatures really drop.

The building has a ten year lifespan (or more) and can be repurposed in future seasons as needs change. But right now, it is an urgent need! Here’s a YouTube video we shot with Maria Birch, head cook at the camp:

You can contribute to the camp kitchen winterization project through our PayPal button below. All donations provided through this button go 100% to funding camp projects (minus the PayPal processing fees).