Net Metering Hearing on Monday

Dakota Rural Action’s net metering bill HB 1207  is up in the House Commerce and Energy Committee this Monday, February 4, at 10:00am CT. Please contact the members in the House Commerce and Energy Committee to support net metering today.

We are very excited to have the chance to bring net metering to the legislature, and we believe we will have a good committee discussion with the hope of passing our bill out to the House floor. But we need your help!

Please call or email the following members of the House Commerce and Energy Committee and urge their support for HB 1207 – net metering in South Dakota.

Rep. Cammack
Rep. Conzet, Vice-chair
Rep. Cronin
Rep. Greenfield
Rep. Kirschman
Rep. Miller
Rep. Nelson (Co-sponsor of HB 1207)
Rep. Parsley
Rep. Peterson
Rep. Rounds
Rep. Solum, Chair
Rep. Stalzer
Rep. Westra


Below is a sample email you can send:

Dear Representative [name],

I am a member of Dakota Rural Action, and we are leading an effort to promote home-grown energy in South Dakota. HB 1207, the net metering bill, would allow people who produce energy on their farm, ranch, or house, to send the extra electricity they produce back to the grid for others to use as well.

Please support this bill, and help expand opportunities for economic development and renewable energy in our state.

Thank you for your support,

[your name]


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