The deadline to submit comments on the Pactola Mining Withdrawal Plan is less than a week away.

A map of the Black Hills of South Dakota showing withdrawal areas for mining.


Recently the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service released a proposal to protect over 20,000 acres of land surrounding the Pactola Reservoir through an action called a “Withdrawal.” If approved, the protection would last for 20 years.

What you can do

Submit official comments by June 20, 2023. 

1. Use this link to submit comments online:

2. Mail your comments to Bryan Karchut, BH National Forest, 1019 N. 5th St. Custer, SD 57730.

E-mail submissions will not be accepted on this proposal.


What you can say: “Yes and…”

Almost everyone we’ve talked to is saying “YES and….” Yes, protect the area designated in the mineral withdrawal and, furthermore, take action to protect all of the Rapid Creek Watershed and ultimately protect every part of the Black Hills.

Tell them why the Black Hills are important and sacred to you.

You can see in the map above that mining claims cover most of the area shown. This picture is repeated throughout the Black Hills. Without extensive protection, mining will do irreparable damage to the Black Hills.

One final thing you can do is follow this link and sign Rapid Creek Watershed Action’s petition for a Congressional mineral withdrawal, which would be permanent.

If you have any questions, contact Frank James at (605)697-5204 ext 240 or email him at