Call or email your Representatives NOW to say NO to HB 1117

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Yesterday morning’s hearing in House State Affairs provided only twenty minutes TOTAL testimony time for each side–despite the packed room.
That’s LESS than the time allotted for both sides in the original hearing last year.

  • Plaintiffs in the “Riot Booster” case were not all given time to speak.
  • A Tribal Chairman who’d traveled to testify was not able to speak

Governor’s staff testified they reached out to all “concerned parties” in an “open & transparent process” on this year’s bill–but they didn’t reach out to the actual parties to the lawsuit.
And the people they did talk to said NO.

The Governor’s Office ramming through their anti-free speech agenda and misleading the Legislature and the Public is what got us into this mess to begin with–are we going down that road again?

Chilling free speech by “making up” new crimes is not in the public’s interest.
Riot and Incitement to Riot were illegal before this bill. They’re illegal now.
They’ll still be illegal when this bill is defeated.

Call or email House members NOW to defeat this destructive bill!

Track progress of House Bill 1117–the Riot Booster bill–HERE.