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What is the SoDak Grower’s Guidebook?

Dakota Rural Action has been providing education, skill-shares and tours on growing, sharing, and preserving what you grow for 30+ years. We believe that it is essential that we further our food security and sovereignty by growing and preserving our own local food and medicine towards self-reliance, and community resilience. Because of your commitment to realizing a future in which our community thrives, we need you to be a part of our SoDak Grower’s Guidebook. As the local foods movement is expanding in South Dakota, DRA is creating a guidebook to share knowledge and build relationships among local growers and farmers. The guide will include free listings for agrarians, farmers, foodies, ranchers and resiliency advocates who are interested in skills sharing. In the SoDak Grower’s Guidebook, we are hoping to create a comprehensive guide of people who are participating in creative solutions to change the food system and who want to share what they know and what they grow, whether that be those who are participating in small-scale production, growing food in their backyard, or processing foods at home. 

The SoDak Grower’s Guidebook is an extension of the Farmer’s Network Handbook, which was first created in an effort to create a community of beginning and established farmers who are interested in resource sharing and education. It was initially developed as an extension of the Farm Beginnings class to support beginning farmers in the crucial first years of starting a farm. This year, we hope to expand the listings so that it can be a useful resource for anybody interested in learning about sustainable food systems. The handbook is part of a long-term vision to help connect and vitalize the people of South Dakota with good abundant food, clean and healthy communities, and economic prosperity.


The guidebook is beautifully laid out and will include an interactive pdf version through DRA’s website, so that those looking to learn specific skills can be easily connected to mentorship, internship, employment, 1-1 Day visits, or land and equipment sharing in their region. In addition to network profiles, the handbook will include resources on funding, no-till resources, sustainable pest management and more. 

Who is this for? 

Anybody who has a skill that helps promote a resilient agriculture system and would like to share that skill. Examples include small-scale farmers, local meat processors, community gardens, or those who have knowledge about things like backyard chickens or canning
. Please feel free to share this invitation with others.

If you’re interested in sharing your skills and being apart of the 2021 SoDak Grower’s Guidebook, fill out the form HERE

2021 SoDak Grower’s Guidebook: resources for agrarians, farmers, foodies, ranchers and resiliency advocates