Want to help kill Senate Bill 157?

Governor Noem’s bill stripping country control of local zoning decisions?

  1. Contact your State Senator and members of the committee and tell them you don’t like this bill. Don’t wait! They need to hear from you right now!
  2. Watch for and attend a Legislative Cracker Barrel or Legislative Coffee in your area. It’s always better to tell them what you think face to face!
  3. Write a letter to the editor. Letters are short and about what you think. So they’re easy! Check on your papers word limit and let your neighbors know what you think and what they can do. If you want any help contact the DRA office at action@dakotarural.org or (605) 697-5204 ext 250.
  4. Like DRA on Facebook and share our weekly legislative update. Having trouble finding us? Give us a call, we can help.
  5. Are you Meme worthy? DRA is working up Meme’s featuring people’s pictures and their families. If you’re interested contact us and we can help you create a meme!
  6. Join DRA and contribute to our Legislative Fund to help pay for the costs of fighting this bill and others.
  7. Want to learn more about this bill and other’s we’re following this year? Check out our most recent Legislative Update