Rural Electric Cooperative Shut Off policy

Ask SD Rural Electric Cooperatives for Non-Shut Off Policies   By Rick Bell, Black Hills DRA Chapter and Community Energy Development Committee Chairperson    Ask our SD electric cooperatives to develop a policy not to disconnect people from service during … Continued

Floor Debate on Permitting Shows Power of Public Input

Today’s Senate Floor discussion on Senate Bill 15–and the maneuvers leading up to that vote–are a prime example of how lawmakers, industry, and state agencies block citizens from engaging in the process, yet claim citizens are “ignorant” when they voice … Continued

Black Hills Power attacks solar energy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 4, 2014 Contact: Steve and Lynn Hammond, Dakota Rural Action members with home solar system: (605)484-4410 Sabrina King, Dakota Rural Action Organizer: (605)939-0527 BLACK HILLS POWER USING RATE INCREASE TO STOP SMALL-SCALE SOLAR Rate design … Continued

Urge PUC to Draft Avoided Cost Rules

ACTION ALERT Support Small Independent Renewable Energy Producers in SD The South Dakota Public Utility Commission is requesting public comments on whether or not they should draft rules regarding “Avoided Costs” for electricity purchased by Utilities by facilities that can … Continued

Garretson Energy Tour

Heislers to Host Residential Renewable Energy Tour Open House to Show Benefits & Uses of Local Passive and Solar Electric Systems   Jean and Michael Heisler, residents of Garretson, South Dakota are opening their home to the public for the second … Continued

Support Energy Fairness

The Community Energy Development Committee is crowdfunding – and we need your help! We are running a fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding website Crowdfunding basically allows us to run a fundraising campaign to get money for our Energy Fairness … Continued

Tulare SD Energy Tour

Tulare Couple Hosts Solar Energy Tour Open House to Show Benefits & Uses of Local Solar Energy     Jamie and Ann Fisk, long-time residents of Tulare, South Dakota are opening their house to the public for the first in … Continued