Rural Electric Cooperative Shut Off policy

Ask SD Rural Electric Cooperatives for Non-Shut Off Policies   By Rick Bell, Black Hills DRA Chapter and Community Energy Development Committee Chairperson    Ask our SD electric cooperatives to develop a policy not to disconnect people from service during … Continued

Stand With Smithfield Workers, Stand With Community!

We need to keep pressure for a 14 day closure with widespread testing upon reopening. 3 days is not enough time to ensure this doesn’t continue to be a hotspot for spread. Smithfield Foods will close its Sioux Falls plants … Continued

Sign On TODAY to #CancelKXL

As the public health emergency from the novel coronavirus forces social distancing and community lockdowns, TC Energy (formerly TransCanada) is about to endanger thousands of workers by sending them into rural and Tribal communities along the path of its proposed … Continued

DRA Weekly Legislative Update

Legislature Adjourns Thursday; Gosch Tested for COVID-19 The last regular day of the 2020 Legislative Session was Thursday, March 12th, with Monday, March 30th reserved for consideration of gubernatorial vetoes. On Wednesday, Rep. Spencer Gosch was reported to have fallen … Continued

DRA Weekly Legislative Update

Senate Passes Riot Booster 2.0; Hoghouses Another Bill to “Fix” It Tuesday night’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on House Bill 1117, this year’s “Riot Booster” bill, included testimony from seven proponents and over a dozen opponents. The Governor’s office claimed … Continued

DRA Weekly Legislative Update

Riot Booster 2.0 Passes House–Heads to Senate Judiciary Tuesday It’s time to turn out. Riot Booster 2.0 will be heard in Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday evening, March 3rd at 7pm CT in Room 414 of the Capitol. You can … Continued

DRA Weekly Legislative Update

LAST CHANCE! REGISTER FOR CITIZEN LOBBY DAY! With all that’s going down at the Capitol this session, your voice–and your presence–is urgently needed. But beyond that–it’s FUN! Hang out with other DRA members, talk to legislators about issues, eat good … Continued